Why choose us?


 ...because we offer the best kiteboarding lessons in San Diego, period.

The patience, great attitudes and attention to safety from our expert instructors sets us apart and will help make your kiteboarding experience the best you can imagine.

Our instructors will be with you in the water from your very first steps, not just on the sidelines at the beach. On top of that we'll always teach with radio helmets to make sure instructions to the students will be always received correctly. SUP support is always provided as well.

Focused on safety and fun we are dedicated to your efficient learning experience.

At KiteNow we will not teach a lesson in unsatisfactory conditions, we want your experience to be the most productive and fun that it can be . That being said, we also know how to "make it happen" in many different conditions.

We teach with the latest state of the art kites and boards from CABRINHA.

Seasoned, professionals instructors with years of experience teaching not just kiteboarding but other action sports as snow boarding and windsurfing as well.

You don't have to get kite gear first before taking kitesurfing lessons.

All lessons include use of kites, boards, impact vest and radio helmets for free.

Every instructor is certified by the International Kiteboarding Organisation( IKO).

Our dedication doesn't stop after your lessons. Ask for advice or help you to get the perfect gear. We are happy to help you. Look for the bright orange rash guards worn by our instructors - they are easy to spot and are always there when you need them. Keep in touch - we love to hear about your kiteboarding experiences .

Our Mission


 01. Your safety is our No. 1 concern

All our lessons are conducted with the highest standards for safety. We always use radio helmets in the water to have  permanent communication with our students. And impact vests will be provided as well. All instructors are IKO certified.

02. We don't waste your time

Your time is precious, literally,  since you are paying to get the best instruction possible. We're always teaching with radio helmets to insure your skills will advance as fast as possible. And your instructor will be with you in the water from the very first moment. Our instructors don't stay on the beach, shouting commands across the water (where you don't understand a thing).

We want you to be happy with every part of the experience, from when you sign up to when you meet land again. It's our goal to make sure every moment is the thrill of a lifetime.

03. The best gear will help you learn fast, easy and save.

All of our kites and boards are state of the art. The most current development in kite gear makes a big difference in your learning progress. A kite that relaunches very easy and fast off the water is not just a convenience but a big part of having a safe water experience.

04. ​You are not fighting on your own

Reason #1Your instructor is with you in the water - always.

Reason #2You've got your instructor in your ear - always.

Its' like a play by play live narrative what to do better or next.

Reason #3We always have a SUP on standby to ensure safety.

We want you to be happy with every part of the experience, from signing up to advancing your skills at every level.

We'll help with gear selection, inside knowledge about kiteboarding locations or just to answer questions. 

We'll always help to achieve your goal, but we'll never pressure you to do something beyond your comfort zone. It's safe to test your limits with us. We'll keep you safe.