What To Expect

The ‘Typical‘ way to get started

Learning kiteboarding is easier in San Diego since we teach on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, near Sea World. 

We don't have to get started in the ocean with waves, choppy waters and currents to deal with like pretty much anywhere else in California.

What sets us apart:

- most of our lessons are private lessons

- all instructors are IKO certified and insured

- we always teach exclusively with 2-way radio helmets

- instructor will be with you in the water right away from your first steps

- we always have a SUP for support available

Keep in mind that we usually deal with thermal winds, e.g. wind starts around 11:30am and usually becomes lighter around 5:30pm.

The teaching process to learn Kitesurfing the right & easy way is as followed.

First, during the land lessons you learn how to set up and rigg a kite, how to control, steer and fly a kite, safety precautions, safety systems, launching & landing a kite, weather patterns and plenty more. We will fly at least two different sizes of kites. It usually takes 3-4 hrs. to achieve all the necessary skills and to be in total control of the kite.

Keep in mind that land lessons and therefore kite control you’re achieving is the major part of the sport to learn first. Without kite control NOTHING will happen in the water.

Then we are ready to get wet. 

Starting with learning how to self rescue, body dragging, getting back upwind to your board, body dragging downwind & relaunching a kite from the water. Finally, how to control & do a controlled power stroke, dive the kite correctly to perform a water start and get on the board and start riding.

All of our lesson programs are “performance based”, meaning we teach at your pace and comfort level. We progress as fast as you learn and don't waste time sticking with unnecessary routines.


Safety is our major objective and the quicker you progress the sooner we continue in the water.

You don't have to own any equipment. Boards, kites, impact vest, radio helmet and harness will be provided for the duration of the instruction. We do have limited supply of wetsuits available as well.

Our lesson program goal is to conclude the lessons with IKO Rider Level 2, meaning we will teach you everything necessary to get on a board and ride and become a self sufficient kiter.

That means as well, that a student will receive a IKO Rider Card which documents your level of achievement. The IKO card is recognized worldwide and is mandatory if you'd like to rent kites and boards pretty much everywhere.

We almost always teach private lessons e.g. one on one instruction. Kiteboarding is entirely a hands on sport. Just watching or listening doesn't make you learn any skills and group lessons seem to be cheaper, but since you share time with others that's actually not the case at all. 

By the way we're providing the best lessons you can possible get in Southern California. Not an outrageous claim but confirmed by the fact that we are the kite school most often & most likely to be recommended by active kiters in San Diego.

One of many reasons is that we are the only IKO certified kite school in Southern California using radio controlled helmets all the time. This coaching system cuts out communication barriers such as wind, waves, and distance. It also allows our instructors to give critical instant feedback & advice to the student as soon, before, during, and immediately after their actions with the kite and board. You can't achieve that when you're shouting at your student from the shore.

Your learning progress is so much more efficient because you get like a play by play instruction from your instructor and your lessons are way more efficient.