Explore the excitement, thrill, speed, weightless feel and power of kite boarding -- there's nothing else like it. Get ready for the most amazing surfing experience of your life. 

Why Choose Us?


Want to learn the basics? Or are you already advanced, like to gibe a directional or fly over the water on a hydrofoil? We always customize your kiteboarding lessons to make sure you benefit in the best way imaginable.  

What To Expect


Our beautiful weather in San Diego makes it possible to do kiteboarding lessons 365 days a year. In just a few hours with our experts,  you can build the skills and confidence to glide across the water.


Lessons - Rentals - Repairs


Give the gift of 'Riding The Wind' to your friends and family members. Gift cards for kiteboarding lessons are available and never expire once issued by our team.

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Radio Helmets: Allways!!!


Simple pricing:

We never charge extra for specialty lessons.

Any Hydrofoiling-, Land-, Jumping-, Gybing- or all other kiteboarding lessons always just.......

1 hr. lesson:  $   98

​2 hr. lesson:  $ 195

3 hr. lessons: $ 245

4 hr. lessons: $ 295

​any additional student: $ 125

Lessons always include use of:

-radio helmet

-impact vest


-kites w/ bar & lines


-limited number of wetsuits available​

-discounts  if  you’re  using  your  own  kites  &  board

Kiteboarding Lessons San Diego

At KiteNow we're all passionate about this fascinating water sport. And, as far as we're concerned, nothing beats the excitement to be pulled across the water by wind power.   

But it doesn't stop there. After learning the basics you could be jumping high with your board and kite, even on flat water

....or you'd like to ride waves in the ocean

....or going easily 35 mph or faster across the water 

...or fly above the water on a Hydro Foil

...or just cruise. 

Plenty of options to enjoy a great activity on the water.

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